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Vaughn to direct Thor

Thor.jpgSuperhero films seem to be getting taken a little more seriously just now, and the latest is Thor as the rumour appears that Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct the film version.

It does show that superhero films are being taken a little bit more seriously in Hollywood, after all Matthew Vaughn may have a short directorial history, but his output has been pretty damn fine to date. Layer Cake and now Stardust, it shows good things for the Thor film from the script by Mark Protosevich.

There's not only Vaughn in negotiations for Thor, but there's Wanted, Watchmen and The Incredible Hulk, all packed (or going to be) with talent. Could it be that superhero films are starting to come of age and be viewed as real films by Hollywood.

Remember that Vaughn has an interest in superhero films, he was up for directing the third X-Men film before Brett Ratner came along, in fact it was Vaughn that pulled out so that he could spend some time with his family.

So now Matthew Vaughn is back behind Thor, according to the LA Times through Moviehole? What do the Thor fans feel about that? Honestly I'm not that excited by the idea of Thor on screen, I would have thought that there were tons of superhero stories to be told before this one. Vaughn doesn't think so though, and he marks another strong talent leaping into the superhero arena.



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