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Weekend Films to Stalk

FilmCamera.jpgWell here we are again, the television programmes from UK Terrestial and Freeview television that I'd suggest for weekend viewing, as well as the UK releases for this week in the Cinema.

Of course you don't have to have Freeview, or be going to the cinema or even be in the UK to take part in the discussion and have your say. This is really a look at some new releases and some older, forgotten films, and it's all about your opinions.

So have a read, discuss, disagree, and tell everyone what other films you'll be watching, or have already seen, this weekend.

Enjoy it...and hey, let's do it to them before they do it to us...

21:00 - 23:00
: Out of Time
I can't remember much about this Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes starrer, much less that it also featured Dean Cain. The film is about a Florida policeman who is trying to solve a vicious double murder all the while the evidence is pointing towards him. For the life of me I think there's something special about this film and I can't remember what it is. I don't think it's filmed in real time or anything, just that something clicks in my head when I think about it and I saw the trailers yesterday.

21:00 - 23:00
: The Breakfast Club
What a choice and on at the same time. The classic teen film with Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy and Paul Gleason. I think if I was choosing it would be goodnight Washington and hello detention. Although it's not my favourite film of this era and this gang, I think that perhaps St. Elmo's Fire was, it's still a great film, and the music...

21:00 - 22:45
: Soapdish
I'm making this hard for you. This is another film I barely remember, but I do believe I found it funny. It's all about behind the scenes of the American soap shows and just how bad it gets, and what is so great about this is the cast. Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr., Elisabeth Shue, Whoopi Goldberg, Teri Hatcher and Carrie Fisher. I seem to remember the leads play this superbly and there are lots of laughs to be had. Can anyone else remember this film?

23:00 - 00:55
: Bad Lieutenant
I haven't seen the Abel Ferrara film starring Harvey Keitel as the drunk, drug ridden cop trying to find a way towards redemption while investigating the case of the rape of a nun. It all sounds dark and quite lost, and all that would be talked about is that street scene with the car window. Is there much more to it than that shock value, is it really as good as those that get beyond that scene say about it?

Hotdog-xsmall.gif15:25 - 17:20
: Field of Dreams
Classic film, and one guaranteed to tug at men's heartstrings. Not only that but it marks one of Kevin Costner's best peformances and one of Burt Lancaster's last, definitely his last on film. It's a beautiful tale of a man who hears a voice in his corn field one day - "If you build it he will come" - and so he sets about finding out who, and what. Except when it comes down to it, he just might not have all the answers, and is building a baseball field in his money earning crop the best thing for his struggling farm and family? A story of belief.

21:00 - 21:55
This isn't a film, but I feel the need to hype this up. After Douglas Mackinnon's The Flying Scotsman (Filmstalker review) touched me so much I've been following his career closely, and this is the latest step before he hopefully heads towards film again. He's sharing directorial duties with Matt Lipsey on this six part series called Jekyll. It stars James Nesbit and a few other TV and film names you'll recognise, such as Michelle Ryan (the new Bionic Woman) and Denis Lawson (yes, the Uncle in Star Wars, how much does he hate that now?). Jekyll you may rightly think is about the old story, well it is, but it has been massively updated, and with a big twist.

I'm not really sure how much I can tell you, suffice to say that in this tale Jekyll is using everything he can in modern times to keep Hyde from his normal family existance, and he's managing, the two are living separate lives in the same body, both aware of each other but at a distance. Except the return of the family curse is no accident and someone else wants him back. Definitely intriguing.

Hotdog-xsmall.gif21:00 - 23:40
: The Talented Mr Ripley
Matt Damon's best perforance to date I do believe. Here he plays a man that you feel could, and does, flip either way at any point. You never find the essence of the character and you can never get a handle on how he's really feeling, and Damon plays that perfectly. It also stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law, who are there and could well have been anyone really. Cate Blanchett, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jack Davenport star, yes there was more to him than Pirates. Directed by the superb Anthony Minghella too. This is a must see.

22:00 - 00:15
Channel 4
: K-Pax
We were just talking about Kevin Spacey, well here he is alongside the excellent Jeff Bridges, and together they play out a predictable, but highly enjoyable film about a mental patient who thinks he's from another planet sent here to observe humans. Slowly the other patients begin to believe him, and even his doctor begins to have doubts. I say it's predictable because afterwards you'll think that's exactly the way you expected the story to go, but during you don't care. It's the journey, and it's a great one to be on. You might just believe too.

22:45 - 01:00
The Negotiator
Here's Kevin Spacey again, and this time with Samuel L. Jackson, David Morse, Ron Rifkin, J.T. Walsh and Paul Giamatti. I am a huge fan of Morse, and all these actors play their roles well in a tight thriller that will have you on the edge of your seats for a few key moments. It's a really strong film that I loved. Sure there are mistakes and stock moments, but they are overriden by the performances, the negotiators, and the confined sets. A negotiator is setup and finds the only way he can clear his name is to take hostages and reach out to the negotiator that is trying to talk him out of it before the SWAT team attack. Great entertainment.

23:00 - 00:40
: American Psycho
Here's another film I've yet to see, would you believe it? Christain Bale plays the role of Bret Easton Ellis's cultural icon, the sociopathic yuppie serial killer in a strong adaptation of book that no one thought could have made it to the big screen. All the violence of the novel takes place off screen, and the satirical look at the eighties corporate life is amusing. Yet I've still never seen it. Perhaps it's time, and not just for Bale either, there's Jared Leto, Reese Witherspoon, Willem Dafoe and Samantha Mathis.

Hotdog-xsmall.gif23:40 - 01:30
: Carrie
Oh the classic Brian De Palma directed film of Stephen King's classic novel actually makes it's way to the big screen in better fashion than just about any other King novel. Superbly shot and stunningly acted by Sissy Spacek, this is a really creepy horror that captures the imagination well. Carrie is a girl who is just reaching puberty, she's ridiculed and shunned at school by just about everyone, and at home her mother treats her with harsh religious hatred. All the while there's something inside her growing with her new found woman hood, the ability to control physical objects with her mind, and she's finding that when she's angry she is at her strongest. Classic horror and wonderfully directed. Those final scenes are iconic.

15:40 - 18:00
: Superman II
This looks like it is the Richard Lester version again, not the Richard Donner one that is now available on DVD. Still it's a great film with the three Krypton criminals arriving on Earth and discovering that they have the same powers as Superman and they've arrived just as Clark gives up his powers to marry Lois. It stars the late and inspiring Christopher Reeve, the always amazing Gene Hackman, and other great names such as Margot Kidder, Terence Stamp, Ned Beatty, Jack O'Halloran, Sarah Douglas and so on. Despite the rework from the original, this is still a cracking Superman film. Do you think it stands up to the rest of the series? Has anyone seen the whole Richard Donner version for comparison?

19:30 - 22:00
: Birdman of Alcatraz
Directed by John Frankenheimer and starring the great Burt Lancaster, this is the true story of Robert Stroud who while spending his life sentence in Alcatraz, began learning about birds after a sick bird flew into his cell and he nursed it back to health, after that he became an expert ornithologist. A wonderful story with a classic actor.

21:00 - 23:30
: Primal Fear
Here's another film that I vaguely remember but not enough to recall whether it's really good or not, although with the gorgeous Laura Linney and Edward Norton (he's not so gorgeous!) you would think it was. Richard Gere and Frances McDormand also star in this story about a lawyer who loves the limelight and picks the case of a young altar boy accused of murdering his archbishop. He is convinced of his innocence but there's overwhelming evidence in his way.

22:00 - 23:50
Channel 4
: Freddy vs Jason
Okay, it's silly but there's got to be some fun in here for us all. Freddy Krueger comes back once again to kill teenagers in their sleep. However this time he's decided to come back through the body of the invincible Jason Voorhees - good choice Freddy. However Jason decides to start fighting back and that's where it all kicks off. Silly, but fun from Director Ronny Yu and starring Robert Englund and Kelly Rowland?!

23:30 - 01:30
: Go
Should I bother watching this? There's been a lot of good things said about the Doug Liman directed film starring Katie Holmes in her third film outing. Is it worth watching?

The Johnnie To film set in the Portuguese colony of Macau. Before Chinese rule decends people are out to make money, as much as they can. Two hitmen from Hong Kong arrive with a mission to take out a man who has sought refuge from their employers and tried to start a new life with his family. However two of the hitmen's former associates arrive and have the task of trying to stop them. Pretty soon they find themselves in the midst of a dilemma that has guns on either side. You can see the trailer over on the official site which also lists where you can see it in the UK.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Well the Surfer has arrived and to pretty weak reviews. Still I don't think it is entirely his fault and I never felt that the light and fluffy comedy aspect of the Four worked well on screen. Superhero films work when they are darker, not lighter. Let Surfer free on his own and lose these four who are just holding him back.

Starring Diane Kruger as a model who is reaching the end of her short career.

Grow Your Own
A comedy that looks at the effect on a group of allotment holders in an English town when a refuge arrives into their community. It stars a few recognisable names and is getting quite a bit of praise for the comical yet relevant look at the people behind the term asylum seekers.

The official site has a trailer [QT] and a little bit about the film. Jeff Fahey plays a man who is struggling with an internal guilt. This grows worse when he becomes the primary suspect in a series of murders.

Hotdog-xsmall.gifNe le dis à personne (Tell No One) (Filmstalker review)
I've seen this film a few weeks ago and it's a strong French thriller, very well written and from a Harlan Coben novel. The story is good, and the acting is great. Have a read of the review for more, but I would recommend it for the weekend.

Nimród Antal directs Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson and Frank Whaley in a thriller about a couple stranded in a motel in the middle of nowhere, in a room that is filled with cameras, and a video player filled with snuff movies made in that very same room. I've just come back from seeing the film and I thought it was very good, there are a few issues with it, but it's not filled with the standard twists and it's packed with tension. Just wait for the review.

The War On Democracy
A film that examines the involvement of America in Latin American politics during the last fifty years by the award winning journalist John Pilger.

The Wild Blue Yonder
Werner Herzog directs Brad Dourif in this very strange film about an alien, space travel and various events that don't seem that connected. I haven't seen it, I'm merely telling you what others have said. Dourif is an alien on Earth that is struggling with this way of life, meanwhile Nasa are exploring his homeworld to see if we could live there. It doesn't really sound that good.

There you have it. What do you want to see out of that? Disagree with anything? Are you going to be watching something else instead? Or tell us what you did watch and what you thought of it.



Go: Should I bother watching this? – Yes. This movie is pretty good, and definitely worth watching if you've not seen it before. Fast paced, multi-storyline, teen-based movie.

I take it you're going to watch American Psycho. I only watched it a couple of days ago, and I really enjoyed it. Christian Bale is pretty good and the storyline is fast-paced and the ending leaves you thinking.

Re: Primal Fear. Here's another film that I vaguely remember but not enough to recall whether it's really good or not

Then be ready to realy like this film Richard! One of my favorite Norton films!

Okay, so three recommendations. Now if only I can find the time!!


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