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Westworld remake writer talks

Westworld.jpgWestworld has been made so many times it is unbelievable that they're even considering a new version, but they have been for some time and now Billy Ray is the man to write it, and perhaps direct.

Westworld is the story from Michael Crichton that he just keeps coming back to. Man creates artificial life in a theme park which goes out of control and with a mind of their own the attractions start killing man. Yes we've seen that story from him a few times now, and on screen too, so why do it again?

I thought the original Westworld in 1973 was superb. Yul Brynner as the cowboy robot who gains self awareness, and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as the two men who are visiting for a weekend of western fun with horrific results. I liked the twist of the plot and I loved the whole madness of technology and man angle. Plus Brynner is just a screen god.

However remaking it just doesn't make much sense to me as the only new aspect I can see being brought to it is in the realm of effects. Am I missing something?

The news from SciFi Wire is that Billy Ray is writing the adaptation\remake right now.

"I love the basic idea of the movie, which is that our amusements can kill us," Ray said. "I also think the movie provides a great platform for exploring how sometimes machines can behave like humans while humans can sometimes behave like machines."

I just read the closing paragraph and find that Crichton agrees with the whole Westworld story being done again. When Ray was asked about Crichton's involvement he said:

"My understanding is that he was offered the chance to do the first draft of this remake a few years ago, and his response was, 'I already remade that movie; the remake was called Jurassic Park," Ray said. "In many ways, he was right."

Yeah, done and done again. Westorld is the next classic for Hollywood to hack up and hide with effects. Anyone think that this is a good idea?



Brynner is just a screen god.

Amen to that Rich! ;)

I knew there was another Yul Brynner film I havent added to my rental queue, now you mentioned it, I am adding Westworld to my list!


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