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Whitaker and Law join Repossession Mambo

ForestWhitaker.jpgForest Whitaker and Jude Law have signed up to the very intriguing film called Repossession Mambo which looks at a future where artificial human organs are sold on credit and if you don't make the payments, repossessed.

The story looks at one of the men who does this very job, an organ repossession man, who has the same problem as the people he visits. He has a heart transplant and struggles to make the repayments, and so in order to keep his new heart he goes on the run and his former partner is sent out to get the heart back.

It's not clear from the article from Reuters through Yahoo News what roles the two actors will be playing in Miguel Sapochnik's first directing role on a feature film, but it is a good guess that Forest Whitaker will play the repo man on the run with his new heart and Jude Law his partner trying to track him down.

Interestingly Miguel Sapochnik has already directed a short film called The Dreamer, about a military clone who is awaiting death in a termination plant. However he manages to escape

Repossession Mambo is a standard tale at the heart of it, the ex-partner chasing down the guy on the run, but the interesting plot line is the organ transplant idea and the whole universe that it creates around the characters. Of course there's the acting chops of Whitaker which are always fantastic to watch.



i'm saddened that you didn't mention the "acting chops" of jude law....twice nominated for the academy naward. sometimes i think that jude's good looks detract from the fact that he's done some wonderful work....gattica, wilde, ripley, cold mountain etc.,

Well the good looks of Jude Law haven't distracted me from his acting at all. For me he plays Jude Law in most of his roles, and of the roles you've mentioned there only Wilde and Ripley would hold some interest.

I don't think it's really fair on Whitaker to compare them.

I have to agree with Delores. It seems to me you are not familiar with the body of work that represents Jude Law's career. Rwo academy award noms
and countless other awards have honored an actor of
great talent and diversity on screen and stage. Don't be fooled by his good looks. It doesn't detract from his performance-. When he isn't playing
against them it just adds to the overall affect. I don't mean to knock Whitakers abilities I fully
recognize them but i do not wish to see Jude short=changed in this department brecause he is a
very skillful and versatile actor and this does sound like an interesting story.

Whitaker has won an Oscar and a Bafta and has tons of other award wins and nominations.

I don't hold a great amount of water with Oscar nominations and wins when there are so many poor choices made for box office and political reasons rather than being great films.

I am familiar with Law's work, and again I'll say that I'm not clouded by his good looks, not at all!

I just don't think that Law is as good and versatile actor as Whitaker.

start work on this tomorrow. very excited

They were filming in the Eaton Centre, Toronto a couple of days a go for this film. They were using a shop front that had been made to look futuristic.

Did you get any photos or anything interesting?

This film is a shameless rip off of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Repo! has existed as an idea since the early '00s. It was a stage play, then made into a short to pitch the idea to Lionsgate studios. Not to mention this film was edited almost right next to the same room as Repo! Anyone who advocates tis film advocates plagiarism.

Because this film is, of course, not a rip off of Repo! the genetic opera.
Wait a minute...Heart transplants, forced repossessions, repo men....where does this sound familiar???


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