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Willis says yes to Die Hard V!

BruceWillis.jpgBruce Willis once said that Hostage (Filmstalker review) would be his last foray back to action films, and in fact I think he said before that return to the larger cinema screens that he was done. Well with each success he thinks of the next film, and it seems that he's doing just that for Die Hard V.

Yes, Bruce Willis has actually laid out the terms on which he would make the next one.

"I told them I'd only do it if Len [Wiseman] was involved and Maggie Q and Justin [Long] of course. It's been since '95 so [it’s been] 12 years and 21 years is the span of all four of ‘em. So, you can see me when I'm 31 and you can see me when I'm 52. So you guys will decide."

Wait just a moment, that quote through IESB says something very telling - "I told them..."

Think about that for a moment, who would they be? Producers, Studio, it could be media I guess, but it does sound more like him recounting a direct question from the studio and/or producers. So if that is the case then they are thinking about a sequel already, however I do feel it's a shame that Willis is saying he'll only do it if the leads and director return, I think another film with another director would be a good decision, if it were to go ahead that is.

Do you think that you would be willing to see another Die Hard? We would have to be realistic and realise that this would be the last one, or else we could be seeing a sixty year old McLane fighting back from his old folks home. No, I could see another one, but as he says it all rests on us, the audience.



I'm confused Rich, shouldnt your title to this article be Die Hard V as he already did Die Hard IV?

Oh damn! You're right. Thanks for the QA - I'll go and update that right now!

Yea I'd probably watch it, but I am surprised, would the %th instalment be an 18rated film again is the big guestion I think

OMG Bruce Willis is so FIT in his new movie! And I seriously can’t wait to see him in Die Hard 4.0. Obviously I’ll take my blokey along so that he can pick up some ‘action man’ tips!!


You know it's been said I look like Bruce Willis.

...of course we had been in a bar for five hours. Ahem.

Yes,yes,yes, I think there should be at least one more. I would love to see Matt(Justin Long) and Lucy(Mary Elizabeth Winstead)get together. They just ended Live Free or Die Hard weirdly. I loved it though, it's got to be one of the best movies, but there could have been alittle more. Anyway, I hope they make one.


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