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Willis suggests Die Hard 5 a prequel?

BruceWillis.jpgBruce Willis has been talking again about the idea of a Die Hard 5.0, 5 or IV, this time he's been joking about the prequel idea. What's more is that there's a John McClane TV series in the works.

It seems during his Second Life interview (I'm with you Clint, I have no idea what the attraction is…wait, you can fly?) he was asked about the prequel comments he's made before and his response was pretty open, if slightly tongue in cheek.

"I would definitely consider doing 'Die Hard 5.' I would consider doing it anywhere…You know, I would really like to see Holly McClane come back…

…There was a time when one of the ideas of doing another 'Die Hard' was doing the prequel, 'John McClane: The Early Years.' I think I've kind of missed that window now unless they come up with some kind of new technology where they can smooth out these wrinkles that I have on my face. But I would do it. I think that I could act it. It's just a matter of how I look."

That's the comment through Moviehole, and Clint goes on to reveal that there's a John McClane television series in development at the moment, and it's going to be a prequel series.

Frankly I can't see Bruce Willis going back to television, and despite the technology existing to allow him to look much younger, and his comments that he could act it, I just don't see him doing a prequel film. I don't see how it would work either. Would they be saying that before Die Hard he had another, even bigger adventure? I don't see it myself, but perhaps it could work.

Unfortunately the sad part is that I could see this being considered, especially with a TV series on the go. However if there is going to be a fifth outing for McClane then I think it has to be another sequel, and it would have to be the last without a doubt. Do you think there's space for a fifth film, even before seeing the fourth?



I must say that Die Hard 4.0 was the best of now 4 Die Hard movies.. If I know think John McClane could be back for a 5th ? Ofcourse ! No doubt about it ! Even though Bruce Willis is 53 years old he made a teriffic job with Die Hard 4.0!

The trailer for Die Hard 4.0 I saw in the cinema recently rocks!


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