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Wolverine Director shortlist?

Wolverine.jpgThere are two names rumoured to be on the table for consideration as Director of the Wolverine film, and both are very strong talents.

The first is DJ Caruso, and since everyone is considered on their last piece of work, Caruso is remembered for Disturbia, the modernised and remade Rear Window which has turned out very well for him.

The second name is Len Wiseman who is about to deliver Live Free or Die Hard aka Die Hard 4.0. This another very powerful film which, if it doesn't go too over the top, could turn out to be one of the hottest blockbusters behind Transformers - let's not kid ourselves about what's going to win.

According to the rumour over at IESB, DJ Caruso is in the lead right now for consideration, and Len Wiseman is second choice, however that could turn itself around if Die Hard 4.0 does as well as expected.

The Magneto spin off is carrying David Goyer as Director, and so it makes sense that they would want an equally powerful talent behind this other project, and I think this is currently the flagship of the X-Men universe, this is the main film rather than Magneto.

The subject matter for this film is a bit more action based than the Magneto script, and I'm wondering if they might lean more towards Wiseman for that aspect, after all he's delivering with Die Hard.

Who would you prefer to lead the film? Is there another director more suited?



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