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Writers talk Star Trek XI plot

StarTrekXI_Logo.jpgThere's some confirmation of the plot of the new Star Trek film from the writers themselves, and although we really did know that the film was going for the young characters there's not really been much talk of it officially and lots of sidestepping about the issue.

The NY Times through /Film have a little interview from the writers of the script, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. However there's no direct quote from them, it's the article that's stating this.

Still, I think it's fair to accept that this is the way it was going, surely the NY Times wouldn't write that without the writers agreeing to it? After all otherwise they'd be writing about the wrong plot. There's no "could be" or "rumoured to be", so perhaps this is it.

If it is the way the story is going then I am worried about the film. I'm sure that J.J. Abrams will do something special with it, but I'm not sure a return to Kirk and Spock is the way to go with the story. Personally I think Enterprise was superb and it was getting better and better, if a prequel was the way to go they should have stuck with that series and built a film on it. Throwing it around the US TV schedule and letting it fizzle out wasn't exactly the fault of the series.

I'm not that excited about a Kirk and Spock film, their time has passed. Star Trek should be boldly going forwards.



I have faith in the project. I am a huge fan of the classic Star Trek, and I wanna know how Kirk and Spock became friends. How they started to wander the galaxy. I wanted to see that since I saw them playing chess in the first episode of the old series. Kirk won the game, intuition over logical thought.

And they are great friends. The older I get, the more I am touched by friendship stories. That´s why I trust Abrams, because when I am alone watching this movie surrounded by egotistical jerks and freaks, I will cease to feel alone again.

"I'm not that excited about a Kirk and Spock film, their time has passed. Star Trek should be boldly going forwards."


Thanks Morbius!

Peter, I understand what you're saying, but don't you want to remember Kirk and Spock as you grew up with them, rather than see someone's new interpretation of them.

A Star Trek film focusing on a young Kirk and Spock is a great idea. Kirk and Spock's time hasn't past. They are Star Trek's first, best great icons. Accept no substitutes. It is important that the new film have mass appeal, because the Trekkies (ers?) have either stopped going to the movies or have been put off by the bloated (I mean rich) cannon. From a philosophical stand point, it really is best to go back and embrace the first characters that introduced us to space, the psi200 virus, the Organians, the Gorn, the Iotians, the Eugenics wars, Gary Mitchell, the Tribbles, the Romulans, and the Klingons.

One story in the Star Trek cannon that hasn't been told yet (and I'm not talking about the novels) is the story of how James T. Kirk became the youngest Captain in Star Fleet. Offer one possibility from any other series that can hold a candle to that idea. I'm sorry, that's a movie. A character driven movie that will explain a healthy chunk of cannon and get people in the theaters (hope hope). I can't be more excited about the prequel. The point isn't to rag on all this, it's to meet the new Star Trek fans in 2009 who will finally be getting it.

Peter said, The older I get, the more I am touched by friendship stories.


Yeah, my comment went on a little personal ;)

I wouldn´t mind going forward in Star Trek franchise, but... where???

After the cataclysmic ending of DS9 and the (arguable) failure and repetition of final Voyager Seasons, where to go?

I think that there are many holes in the past of Spock and Kirk that can be filled enthusiastically. The other day I was watching Heroes and Sulu appeared with his NCC-1977 licensed car.

Those are the characters I care. Kirk, Bones, Scott, Spock, Sulu, Uhura...

Picard was always too cold to me, Sisko was quite atypical and Janeway is a disaster...

I wanna go to the past. To the very roots of the show. Abrams is very, very clever.


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