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You Kill Me clips and eight minutes online

TeaLeoni.jpgThere are some clips online for You Kill Me as well as the first eight minutes of the film, a very uninteresting eight minutes it has to be said.

The film sees Ben Kingsley as a hitman whose alcoholism starts affecting his work, so the mob send him away to dry out. That's where he gets a sponsor, an honest job and falls for a woman, all just in time to be called back to service by the mob.

I was actually looking forward to the film, but the clips seem somewhat flat and disappointing. I really do hope that it's the case of them being taken out of context as usual, but if not I think this might not be all it's cracked up to be.

You can see the first eight minutes over at /Film [Embed:Flash] with the seven clips from the film over at Collider [Embed:Flash].

Does You Kill Me still hold a fascination for you? I'm now not so sure if Ben Kingsley is going to be as good in the role as I first thought. Meanwhile Téa Leoni reminds me of her Bad Boys role. Perhaps Luke Wilson is the one who is going to be a surprise here.



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