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Your youth on screen, is Hollywood missing something?

Space1999.jpgThere are more and more films coming to life that represented something of our childhood past, films like Transformers, Nancy Drew, Battle of the Planets and so on. Hollywood is turning to the books, television and videogames to plunder our youth for ideas.

Yet even with the wealth of films in production, is there something you remember fondly that you haven't yet seen moved to film? I certainly do, but are any of them good choices, and does your youth of saturday television shows, cartoons, comic books, and blocky videogames loaded by cassette hold any new film ideas that Hollywood hasn't thought of yet?

I was a big comic fan and the X-Men, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer are all up there, although I do hope that there's a bigger, better and darker Surfer film out there yet. Yet once again there's not much that I can't think hasn't been made into a film.

Actually something does come to mind from the comics of old, Rogue Trooper. That's something from my youth that I loved reading and hasn't become a film property yet. I loved the fact that the unknown soldier had all these chips attached to him that would talk to him. It was a strange story, and one I can't ever remember getting to the bottom of, but could be a good basis for a film, after all it has already made it to a videogame.

So quickly onto television. Well there are loads of shows I remember from when I was young, but most wouldn't make a film. I mean a Bananaman film? Oh but Danger Mouse the movie would be brilliant! Just imagine Danger Mouse made into a film by someone like Aardman.

Not sure what Danger Mouse or Bananaman were? Maybe these will jog your memory.

Bananaman was a boy who could turn into a superhero just by eating a banana, while Danger Mouse was a mouse who was a Secret Agent, in fact everyone in the show was a small animal, and even the evil genius, Baron Greenback was an evil frog.

Danger Mouse the intro…missing the great voiceover I loved...

Then there's Bananaman…

Seriously though, I could see a Danger Mouse film, perhaps not so a Bananaman film!

Then I did a little search on “eighties kids TV shows” and suddenly the memories were coming flooding back, and they were so thick I could brush them away from my face. (Quote from a film over the weekend)

Blakes 7. Now try and tell me that this wouldn't make a great film. The titles made me remember I actually had a Liberator ship, and then the guns got bent and I was really upset.

The show was about a future universe where Earth colonies were ruled by an evil federation. Blake was a political dissident who was sent to a penal colony, but on the way there escaped with the help of his fellow prisoners. They come across an advanced alien spaceship that seems to be abandoned, so they take it and use it to strike back at the federation. His fellow escapees reluctantly follow him, and it's the growing relationships and characters that were the strength of the show.

Strings - Oldskool CGI!

I honestly think that Blakes 7 would make a superb film. Why hasn't someone picked it up?

Oh, of course, talking of teams there's the A-Team, a series that has been in production for years but has never made it. Unfortunately I really don't think it will make it to the big screen without a major update. For a start people really will have to die!

In 1972 a crack commando unit...

The Equalizer is another film that has been touted for some time but has never made it as yet. With the hardened and older character of Robert McCall, a former spy turned private detective of sorts. More a man who will solve your problems if there's an overpowering injustice against you. I loved this series, and the superb character as played by Edward Woodward. Could anyone really replace him?

Got a problem? Odds against you? Need help? Call - The Equalizer

What about some lighter shows? Sledge Hammer will never really make it to the big screen as the genre has been done to death with all the Naked Gun films.

Trust me. I know what I'm doing.

The Greatest American Hero would make an interesting take on the whole superhero genre though. The reluctant hero type thing getting to grips with being a superhero and the amazing powers his suit gives him, although if he could just read the instruction manual…Mmmm, perhaps not.

Believe it or not I'm walking on air…

Greatest American Hero and Sledge Hammer? Okay then, let's try and get back on track and look for some possible winners. Dungeons and Dragons? The cartoon featured a group of kids who played the game dungeons and dragons who are transported into a world where they have the powers of their game characters. They must search for a way home and evil forces which want their powers for their own, all the time they are helped by a magical Dungeon Master.

How about Space: 1999? Now that could make a film property couldn't it? A base has been established on the Moon but a massive explosion of nuclear waste causes the moon to be shot out of orbit and it careers into deep space. The occupants of the base must fend for themselves amongst the strange alien life that they encounter.

Oh that music!

So what do you think? Could any of these shows make a good film? Any that are just truly bad decisions on my part? I'm plumping for Space: 1999 and Blakes 7. I really do think that these two shows could make for great films, and I wouldn't mind if Hollywood decided to turn them into franchises either.

Can you look into your youth, which might or might not be that far into the past and see what you think could make a good film? Books, television, comics? Is there anything left that hasn't already been raided?



Oh, what a great feature!

We all remember our childhood with good memories. It´s our private paradise. The things we saw there never delete from our minds, as opposite to what happens in our adult age.

There are at least two choices that I agree completely: Dungeons and Dragons would do a great movie, greater than Narnia or Terabitha in this search for a LOTR succesor.

And Blake´s 7 too. I have a vague memory of it, but it was so wonderful. The sci-fi elements were all very well mixed.

My five cents would be:

Mazinger Z: A Transformers-like movie with the mosc iconic mecha robot ever.

Gatchaman! In Spain it was "Comando G", and it was a selection of heroes battling foes in the space. I had the stamps collection. It would do a "Heroes in Space" like movie.

The Six Million Dollar Man: Oh gosh, byonics can do amazing movies. Look at the Terminator.

The Immortal: My personal favourite. A director with a little personality could do a fantastic feature out of this, because the plot is simply fabulous. Check it out in Wikipedia or wherever!

LOL at Peter, youre like a child with a brand new toy!

In the Philippines we had like tons of robot tv shows every day, Mekanda Robot, Daimos, Mazinger Z, Voltes V, etc. Those were the days!

I'm a big fan of Blakes 7 and the first season of Space 1999. In theory at least yes they could be made into great films.

I didn´t know The Six Million Dollar man was already being done. My mistake!

Blue Peter - The Movie. That's what I'm waiting for.

Or maybe Magpie - with Cameron Diaz in the Susan Stranks role?


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