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Zak Penn writing The Avengers superhero ensemble

Superheroes.jpgThe Avengers is the next Superhero film to make it to the big screen and Zak Penn is hard at work on the script right now. This comes after Penn has completed The Incredible Hulk script and the Justice League of America script is being worked on as a completing franchise from another studio.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the real question is which superhero characters to involve, as since the 1963 birth of the superhero team they've grown in size and stature. Now there are such names as Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and so. So you can see the potential for the character base is pretty large.

Although some of these characters are currently out to other studios in their own films, Marvel owns the rights to them all apart from Hulk. According to the story Marvel wants to wait until all the individual films are out there in their own right before starting the Avengers film. That currently seems to include Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Ant-Man.

The big problem for these ensemble character films is that their individual story counterparts are pretty big and carry big name actors, so bringing them all together might mean a huge budget. For either Avengers or Justice League of America, imagine bringing in the actors from Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, etc? That's a whole lot of cash, and a whole lot of ego and screen time needs.

I'm not so sure that they will be able to justify the big name characters coming in. Or perhaps they will but they'll recast the big superheroes just for the ensemble films? Alternatively they could just have them in as cameos.

It does seem that the logistics of these properties are pretty complex and pricey, and I really can't see it happening all that quickly, if at all. Still Zak Penn is on the writing trail and the quicker that Justice League develops the quicker they'll try and get Avengers through.



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