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A new Dungeon Siege trailer - Uwe Boll looking good?

DungeonSiege.jpgYou know, as much as I dislike Uwe Boll's films, and in particular his latest batch of rather ill advised and inappropriate clips and snippets from Postal, I have to give him credit for continually trying and moving forward. Once again he releases a new trailer for In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, and again it's better than the last.

There have been a number of trailers to date for the film with each one slightly better than the last. Now with this latest cut, and the added effects, I have to say I'm almost ready to believe this film could actually be good!

However I know that trailers can be cut any number of ways, so I won't get too excited just yet. It's fair to say though that this trailer is much better than the others and casts a more positive light on the film and the performances. I almost hate to say it, but well done Uwe Boll...on the trailer anyway!

You can see the new trailer for In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale over at Veoh [Flash:Embed] through Twitch. Come on, I really want to know what you think of this one. Is it starting to attract your attention?



Nope! This is looking bad, really really bad. It's got staight to DVD written all over it.

Did we watch the same trailer? Granted, it's better than the earlier ones, but sheesh, it still looks awful! Ray Liotta's line at the end is just plain laughable!

Oh come on, it's miles better than the original and does actually take it into the realms of a decent film (going by the trailer alone) - compare this to dozens of other mainstream trailers we see day to day and this is a lot better. What about the September Dawn trailer the other day, that was pitiful in comparison to this one.

Looks better than Eragon. Seriously. I'll see it for some midnight camp.

I'm not sure, but between people saying that this might turn out good as well as Uwe Boll's Postal getting good reviews, I think the world is getting ready to implode!

Ah, 'Eragon' aka great big dragon turd

Oh yeah, Eragon was bad!

You got a point there, Richard. Dispite all the bashing, I have to commend Boll for miraclously getting the funding and the signing of some big name actors for this movies. It boggles my mind on how he was able to pull this off.


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