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Abrams Cloverfield teaser online

JJAbrams.jpgJ.J. Abrams not so secret monster film Cloverfield has been outed, and now the teaser trailer is out there too. In a major scoop someone has seen the teaser and recorded it in the cinema, and now it's available to see online and right here.

The film has come out of nowhere, J.J. Abrams has managed to keep it incredibly quiet until just the other day we heard that there was a monster film coming from him and that was all.

The next thing we know is that there's a teaser trailer showing before Transformers in the U.S., and today we find that the teaser has been captured.

So if you want to see the teaser for Abrams monster film Cloverfield without having to head to the U.S. to see it before Transformers, just look below, or head over to the main story.

The teaser is on YouTube through Digg.

I think it looks really promising. With the whole film to be made in this style of third person, handheld camera, it's going to have that real world creepy feel that video footage in film always does. Think Prince of Darkness or Signs clips of handheld, both those moments are incredibly powerful, or think Blair Witch or The Last Broadcast.

Then with Abrams behind the project and a decent effects budget this could have something there. However is the rumour of Matt Reeves as Director a good thing or not? What do you think of the trailer, could a whole film in this style work for you?



Wow, it's amazing how quickly the story spreads around the film sites without any sources, they just happen to come across it while surfing YouTube in their spare time.

Thanks to all those who actually did source their stories, whether it was from here through digg and YouTube or not.


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