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Alex Proyas to direct Silver Surfer film?

AlexProyas.jpgSince Alex Proyas didn't get the chance to direct Bond 22, it seems like he might be in the running for the stand alone film for the Silver Surfer.

There's no real source given for the speculation, so bear in mind that this might be a complete rumour made up on the spot, even if it is stop and think for a moment. Silver Surfer film without four comedy characters in the way and Alex Proyas directing. We could have something much harder and tougher, perhaps even a film with a higher rating. It's certainly going to have a lot more depth to it, and have a more adult storyline.

The rumour comes from NineMSN through Jo Blo. Try as they might they couldn't get Avi Arad to reveal who he had in mind for the film. In fact the most he would say is that he is trying to hire an Australian Director for one of his films, and there are a few films on his slate, not just the Surfer.

Proyas is perhaps best known for Dark City, a film which is about to see a Director's Cut release on DVD, and if you haven't seen it I suggest you grab that version and enjoy. He also directed The Crow. Interestingly someone has him marked down for being in talks for the Silver Surfer film.



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