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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane dropped from release

LoveMandyLane.jpgWhen I saw the trailer for All the Boys Love Mandy Lane I thought we might be on for something special. The trailer had loads of style and looked like it could be mixing a few genres for something pretty strong and unique. However news has just come out that Dimension has dropped the film.

There's not much information about what's really happening with All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, but it appears that the Dimension dropped the release date for the film just eight days before it was due and never gave a new date, and according to Hollywood Elsewhere, the two scheduled Press Screenings for next week have been cancelled.

Next, Hollywood Elsewhere caught the story that the film has been bought for US distribution:

"...the film's been bought for domestic distribution by Marco Weber's Senator Entertainment, Inc., a production and finance company based in Berlin and Los Angeles with an established relationship with Bob and Harvey. Dimension will handle the home video distribution."

Now I am confused. From the looks of these two stories it would seem that Dimension have pulled out and sold the distribution to another company, It seems quite strange doesn't it? Particularly when it's been receiving such positive words, and when the trailer looked so good.



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