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Alone in the Dark gets Director's Cut

UweBoll.jpgI have Alone in the Dark sitting waiting to be watched but perhaps I should send it back now that I hear that there's going to be a Director's Cut released by the legend that is Uwe Boll.

Yes, Uwe Boll is returning to his classic Alone in the Dark and he's going to add three minutes of footage and add on a brand new Director's Commentary.

The news comes from DavisDVD through HorrorMovies.ca, and like those guys I'm wondering what's happening. Perhaps it's a build up to Alone in the Dark 2, or just maybe there's straight profit to be had by the release.

Along with the new audio commentary and additional footage there's some new deleted scenes, a music video, and an Alone in the Dark game.

What could be the reasoning behind it? Is it to tie in with a next generation release of the game and/or the new film? Was the first worth the new release? Could it have made its money back?



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