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Another hi-res Blood Brothers (Tian tang kou) trailer

Recently we saw the trailer for Alexi Tan's Blood Brothers (Tian tang kou), a film set in 1930's Shanghai about three Brothers who enter into the underworld of gangs and chose different paths. Now there's a second trailer online, in high resolution, and looking even better.

The film is directed by Alexi Tan with John Woo and Terence Chang producing, and it looked great on that first trailer.

The second trailer comes through Twitch and can be downloaded directly from them. I shan't leech their bandwidth - Filmstalker is an ethical site who values others work and shows respect where it's due. Yes, that's a message for all you non-creditors out there, and after all the Twitch guys are an excellent bunch.

What do you think? Big cast and it looks great, plus with the production team and director behind this I think we might be looking at a very stylish film.



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