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Appear in Rockstar's GTA IV!

GTAIV.jpgI'm a big fan of the game series Grand Theft Auto, and I know a few people who have been lucky enough to get their voices in the game, usually just as passers by and simple shouts. Now though you can have your voice in the new GTA game coming for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, amazingly entitled GTA IV.

Now I know this isn't strictly speaking a film story, but GTA is one of those game series that is incredibly close to film, and there's a lot of acting involved in the voices of the characters, particularly so in the radio voices. So a chance to get involved in that and have your own voice in the game is worth talking about.

Here's a snippet from the official site for the GTA IV talk radio show:

"It's tie for you to do your part in the war on terror - by calling a radio station and ranting at the top of your lungs about how awful peaceful people are and how we should kill everyone.

Does the anger of always being right make you feel like talking to someone? Have you got something to get off your chest? Don't bottle it up. Don't slur it at the bartender. Hear yourself on Liberty City radio!...

...What's wrong with your health? What's wrong with the world? What's wrong with the America? What's wrong with you?"

Head over to the WKTT Talk Radio official site and call the number to voice your part for the radio talk show on GTA IV. You never know, you just might hear your voice in the game!



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