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Babysitter Twins say Grindhouse 2 is on

ElectraEliseAvellan.jpgElectra and Elise Avellan are the nieces of Robert Rodriguez, also known as The Babysitter Twins from Grindhouse, and they've been talking about the ideas for Grindhouse 2, and in particular the Machete film.

Now let's not kid around here, we know that actors and filmmakers will often use the press to plug their film before it has been signed on the dotted line. They'll plug it and get a good hype going around it and that'll help things along. We know this, and we expect it.

So is this what's happening when the girls started talking about the Machete film and Grindhouse 2? After all it would seem that the sequel is a long way off, with the film doing really badly in both the U.S. and abroad both in the long form and the split feature, it would be hard to see it going anywhere now.

However the twins would have us believe otherwise. Electra and Elise revealed that Robert Rodriguez told them that Grindhouse 2 would consist of Machete and The Babysitter Twins. In their comments to Bloody Disgusting through HorrorMovies.ca they revealed the idea behind their section of the film.

"Robert mentioned something about the end of the world and Hollywood action films, where we'd be trained in Mexico to come back here and fight...Hollywood starts fucking with us so we start killing… we [would] kill Harvey Weinstein in the movie, although that's just talk now right..."

Okay so Rodriguez is busy with Barbarella and he also supposedly has Sin City 2 on the schedule, which is strangely receiving similar comments from the stars - they don't know when it's happening but they are sure, and so on.

Now I can see Sin City 2 happening, don't get me wrong. That film was a success, but Grindhouse certainly wasn't and it's hard to believe that it will happen. Still, his nieces are positive.



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