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Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone trailer online

BenAffleck.jpgThe Ben Affleck I knew has Gone Baby Gone. I never really thought much of him until Hollywoodland, but after watching the trailer for his directorial debut Gone, Baby, Gone I've just seen something new and something very exciting about him, it looks like he can direct really well.

The trailer for the film is now online. It is adapted by Aaron Stockard and Ben Affleck from the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston detectives who are investigating the disappearance of a little girl alongside the Police. However soon the investigation is leading them into personal and professional danger.

Lehane also wrote Mystic River, something which would promiee that the script was strong, but seeing the trailer I'm inclined to think that the film itself could be just as strong.

Have a look at the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed:QT:480p:720p:1080p]

There are two names in that cast list that are also very impressive - Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris, those two together on one film promise some stunning performances. Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Robert Wahlberg and Amy Madigan also star.

I think the trailer looks really slick and the film promises a lot. I'm impressed, are you?



Indeed I am. I had guessed that maybe Affleck's first turn behind the camera would be with a little indie film but he's going all out and it looks like he might be on to something.

Yeah. Let's hope we don't see any more efforts along the line of Gigli.


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