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Blair Underwood writing film franchise

BlairUnderwood.jpgBlair Underwood is someone you might not remember from TV unless you're a big LA Law fan. Since then he's had a few film outings, but he's also written a novel, a novel which he is now hoping to turn into a film franchise.

Casanegra: A Tennyson Hardwick Novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is written by Blair Underwood, Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due, and concentrates on the character of Tennyson Hardwick, an ex gigilo who is a semi-successful actor and sleuth. In this novel he spends a night with rap superstar Afrodite, only to find that the next day she is found murdered and he's the only suspect.

The three authors bring a unique element to the tale to mix Hollywood, sex and rap all together in one very interesting novel, and from all accounts there are many more tales to come from Hardwick. To me though, it all sounds a little cheesy and a little like cheap excitement.

However it seems to be doing well, and according to WENN through Starpulse News Blog Underwood is hoping to turn the first novel into a film franchise and to continue the books into a successful series of novels.

The second novel is underway, and the rumour is that Underwood is considering whether or not to play the lead, with the story claiming that he's already lined up to direct.

I'm not so sure, it does sound like some Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins novel, but perhaps there is something more in it than a sex filled story with a rich, good looking, karate kicking, actor turned sleuth.



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