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Bourne Ultimatum clips show shaky suspense

BourneUltimatum.jpgThere are seven new clips for The Bourne Ultimatum online, and they reinforce two things about the sequel that put me at odds about the whole series. Shaky cam versus a suspenseful and tense story.

You can see the clips over at Rope of Silicon [Flash:Embed]. The First three clips are great at showing the tension and drama that is a great part of the franchise, but then the next four clips start to show the shaky cam, which for the most part is not too bad, until you get to the hand fight. Even on this small screen it is really hard to follow the action, never mind the big screen.

I really do like the Bourne series, but these moments leave me struggling to keep up with the events, and I find it is only after a scene that my brain catches up and I find out what just happened among the swooshes and sweeps of the actors and camera. It's not as if Paul Greengrass has to hide the actors either as they do perform a lot of these hand to hand scenes.

Still, I know I'll go and see The Bourne Ultimatum regardless, on the strength of the story alone.



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