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Boyle reveals Slum Dog Millionaire plot

DannyBoyle.jpgDanny Boyle has been talking about his next film, Slum Dog Millionaire, which has a very strange plot line indeed.

The story will be based on a true story of a boy who goes onto the Hindi version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and wins it. However things are complicated when the makers of the show don't believe he won it fair and square since he's illiterate. That doesn't really bother the boy though as he actually went on the show to catch the eye of the girl he loves who he has lost contact with, someone he knows watches every episode.

Tell me that isn't one of the strangest plots you've heard in a long time! Well it does appear to be true as this is the plot Danny Boyle revealed on MTV Movies Blog. Strange it may be, but at least it's original isn't it?

I do feel that with the not so hot Sunshine (Filmstalker review) he's maybe decided to return to some strong character pieces, and it probably makes sense. Coming back to Earth with some real person drama.

Slum Dog Millionaire is currently underway in Mumbai, India and is written by the Full Monty writer, Simon Beaufoy.



Although it does sound strange, it also sounds brilliant - (I think anyway).

Well, I think brilliant in simplicity. I wonder how much of the blurb is true?

The indian 'Who wants to be a millionairre" titled Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC for short) *cough* is hosted by none other than the biggest Bollywood film star of today. That's right .. Shah Rukh Khan .. I wonder if he'd be approached for a role?? :)

its not based on a true story - its based on an excellent book called Q & A written by Vikas Swarup. look forward to seeing it on the big screen!

Someone I know gave me the book this is based on.
I never finished it, i was lame and contrived (in a bad way).
It'll probably make a better movie plot though.
Danny Boyle is pretty good at what he does so I guess there's hope.

There is a really great review of Slumdog Millionaire by two unexpected old-school film folks

Check it out


A most enjoyable and fascinating movie. I grew up in India and I liked it. What intrigued me was to see two brothers who were very close to each other as they were growing up to develop into such different personalities.
This raises the question in my mind as to what goes into developing personalities? I do not have an answer but speculate that there must be something in their innate make-up that plays a big part.Cultural and environmental influences seem not to matter. Comments and different points of view are most welcome.

I heard a fifty percent nature and fifty percent nurture theory, which I guess should be partly true, depending on people. Salim was good at heart, just misconstrued through his power-hungry motives.

What I really don't like is the fact that the author, Vikas Swarup, who had the original idea, is not receiving any credit from published sources talking about the movie, so those who base their knowledge off reviews think it's a Danny Boyle original. I mean, it's like making Harry Potter, calling it Mysticland or something, and then not mentioning Rowling.

Why do people keep saying it is not a true story, when Mr. Boyle says "this is based on a true story"? Are the peope writing comments illiterate?


Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Director: Danny Boyle

If you thought Bolly made senseless formulaic pastiches then go watch this patronising and condescending disjointed pot boiler fro Danny the boiler who makes the narrative jump giddily from one gutter to another.
He cannot even stage a convincing anti Muslim riot and the street kids look like a parody of Mira Nairs Salaam Bombay with the worst dialogue delivery I have seen in a recent movie.

I think he saw Nihalinis Dev and Nairs Salaam Bomay and then had a vision to mix it with fineness quiz show. But this is a dreadfully bemusing and flawed look where two kids fall off the roof of a speeding train conveniently in the front yard of Taj Mahal without enduring a single bruise and then start giving intro tours to obese western tourists in English language while they have never attended a day of even a slum school.

This is Indian massala gone wrong with item songs in the most inappropriate places like the Mumbai central and colours which are as gaudy as holi gone astray, the high-rises and trains are all shot by a cameraman with angles which make one suspicious the technician was cross eyed or suffering from a hangover.

The direction looks as if Boyle was stoned because India has dirt cheap cannabis and all Indians are portrayed as callous cheating contemptuous cultural buffoons, they abuse and disfigure kids who go around shooting gang dons point blank and the mobiles never seem to stop ringing.

Was it meant to be surreal or a satire as it comes out as a superfluous self indulgent look at the Indian culture which is as dull and technically flawed as Brick Lane if not worst, the lurid plot of two brothers who dream of riches and the fairy tale setting of who wants to be a millionaire is just as despicable as the consumer market in its worst metaphor but the script is just as schizoid as it forces clueless and tasteless jokes without context into a ludicrous tale.

The chat between the anchor and the contestant in men’s room is so badly staged it was worst then the excretions being emitted, while the semi winner is flagged for fraud and tortured by a caricature cop played by Irfan Khan he tells us his autobiography which is as bizarrely implausible as the most melodramatic and misplaced Bolly drama possible to conceive.

Next time please study ivory’s Indian endeavours and leans passage to India before indulging in a clinched contemptuous look at India from a Anglo-Saxon perspective where India becomes an extended sham slum-no wonder all the millions of Europeans got kicked out for that mental ineptitude while the Hindus and Muslims might be incompatible but have flourished together for 1000 years.

Before the rains by Sivan is a classic compared to this crap and even Fashion and Wednesday and Halla Bol are far better then this, the fact this is even considered for any awards is a hilarious exercise in making mediocre Bollywoods look like classics as they are indeed more sensible the this trash from the gutters of Mumbai.
As for Salaam Bombay which is the obvious inspiration for this moronic monstrosity even comparing the two is cinematic blasphemy.

I bet you are really embarassed at your clearly near slighted review of this wonderful film. HA!!!

No, I'm not at all. That was my honest opinion at the time, and it was pretty close to the review I gave.

Filmstalker review

Why do you feel it was a "clearly near slighted review", especially when it's not a review?


ITS Peculiar BRITISH ATTITUDE TOWARDS INDIANS, wonder when they are going to come out of this illusion and understand that INDIA is much much more than slums. I feel they are satisfying themselves by picturising wrongly about India by just showing 10% of India as the major.
I bet if you show the shit in your body for two hours, make a movie out of it, u will start getting a feeling that the whole of the body is made of shit, thats what the movie is like, the director has (called a slum dweller a slumdog) only covered the slums , child abuse, prostitution in 75% of the movie, even the Tajmahal when shown, is picturised from such an angle which covers the dirt more, than the view of Tajmahal. The studio where the competition is going on is also shown as a two room studio with a cooridor heading straight to the road. I feel it is intended to spoil the image of our country. I pity the director for his sadism, But the most surprising is OSCAR, i am now getting a feeling that Indian shit is so liked by oscarians that i think if i film a Indian
person shiting for 2 hrs i stand a good chance of wining an oscar, so that means Indian shit is
pretty valuable.

This surely is not a real picture of India, and was nothing true, i havent seen any couple doing a
french kiss on a station platform in mumbai. Its more of a documentary film.
I also wish the Prime Minister of India sees the film.
If you are a real Indian your blood will boil. I suggest don't watch the movie in a theater and help their revenue, and
FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO MAXIMUM YOU CAN, i think that's what we can do right now.
Hemant, Hyderabad, INDIA

iots good

very nice film

If you all enjoyed slumdog so very much, next flick to catch is most definitely is Barah Aana. This is another very very real / in your face / dark comedy that will inspire us even more. Thanks to Danny Boyle and raja menon for inspiring and amazing us with such timeless work. Hey, also look at this group [This isn't a group it's a film marketing blog - Richard] I found on the Barah Aana.http://barah-aana-the-film.blogspot.com/ . Swear to God, no spoilers, content enuf to make you crave to watch the movie, like RIGHT NOW!!! Cheers, Happy watching...

Ok no 1 will beleave this coz am some annonymos person but The date this released 12 nov Was my birthday on 12 nov :D I still can't beleive wut a counsidence .... Sry for my bad english >_> not good at spelling xD

Anyways AM sure no 1 care would care it was my birthday on the same day of this great movie :(

But still I loved this movie and Same day my birthday am so happy xD

But Still hate that part of people getting hurt :( even though its a movie, and always the good has to get proof for being right and liers just lie and make their way back........

Jeffrey Paskow & Richard Brunton

You guys must feel like royal idiots - I guess if you were looking for a job as movie crits you should look elsewhere - your opinions are SO wrong. Or maybe the acadamy award committee are wrong? hahahaha

Well Penny, I don't feel like that at all. You should read the review of the film and see what I thought about it.

I wouldn't look for a job as a movie or film critic as you have to put up with aggressive and attacking comments from people who can't understand viewpoints outside your own, and since liking something is so subjective you can never please everyone.

Talking about awards ceremonies I do think that the awards ceremonies went over the top with Slumdog and considering the poor second half and the dull relationship between the two older brothers, it did not deserve the huge praise it garnered.

I believe that a lot of this was down to the events in Mumbai and the poor attempt at joining Hollywood and Bollywood on the West's terms - a dance sequence under the closing credits.

Don't get me wrong, the first half is great and the end of the story is handled well, the child actors are strong and the music great. However look subjectively at the nominees in the awards it won in both the BAFTA's and the Oscars and some definitely had other more deserving winners.

No, I don't feel like an idiot, I think some of the voting panels should though.


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