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Carrey and Hoskins in CGI Christmas Carol

JimCarrey.jpgJim Carrey is joining Bob Hoskins to appear in Robert Zemeckis' version of A Christmas Carol, and the word is that it'll be filmed in Zemeckis' motion capture style.

Robert Zemeckis is currently using that motion capture style in his huge starrer Beowulf, and in the film Polar Express. Creepy it may be, but it's also extremely cool to watch.

Here's what Bob Hoskins had to say about the film to Empire through Rope of Silicon.

"[Zemeckis] is going to make A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey... He wants me to play Mr Fezziwig. He's doing in that way he did Polar Express. You stand in a box with that funny suit on and it reads everything you do...Am I going to do it? Of course I am!"

According to the story Jim Carrey is going to be playing Ebenezer Scrooge. I can't watch a Christmas Carol film without thinking about Scrooged with Bill Murray, and that's a good thing as that's the best Scrooge film there is.

I just can't bring myself to get excited about this, although the big star cast might bring something, but then coating them in CGI lessens that factor. I just don't see the attraction, am I missing something?



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