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Cashback trailer intrigues

Cashback.jpgNow, against The Darjeeling Limited trailer, the trailer for Cashback looks much more interesting. The British film is from Writer and Director Sean Ellis and stars Sean Biggerstaff (no giggling), Emilia Fox and the hugely upcoming Michelle Ryan.

Art student Ben Willis, played by Sean Biggerstaff, is dumped by his girlfriend, played by Michelle Ryan, and develops insomnia. To pass the time he takes up a job in supermarket on the night shift. There he meets a strange but intriguing bunch of people. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the passage of time, Ben's is to freeze time in his head to allow him to appreciate the beauty of people, particularly the checkout girl called Sharon, played by Emilia Fox, a woman who may just hold the answer to his insomnia and heartache.

You can see the very interesting trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:Embed] along with a few clips.

I'm rather taken by the trailer and the mix of characters, actors and the idea of time freezing inside Willis' head. It certainly has caught my imagination and I'm curious to see it now. It's also raised interest in Sean Ellis' next film, The Brøken which stars Lena Headey as a woman who thinks she sees herself driving past in her own car. She follows her and soon the world slides away from her.



I have to admit that the one thing I really liked about the Darjeeling trailer are the colours. It's such a bright trailer...totally took me by surprise. And I agree, the "Cashback" trailer is much better.

Now you've surprised me Marina, I thought you'd be arguing with me for the other way round.

I find Anderson's films take a while to grow on you. And I'm happy to see his very signature style on display here, but I'm going to withhold most judgements until I've seen the film more than twice.

That being said. Cashback is fab, kinda a mystery why it took so long to come out either theatrically or on DVD. This one should be widely appealing, it's a crowd-pleaser, visually arresting and not too heavy.


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