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Church to use Harry Potter novels

HarryPotter-DeathlyHallows.jpgThe Church of England is leaping on the topic of Harry Potter and is publishing a booklet that advises its members how to use the novels to spread their Christian beliefs and words.

Apparently certain religious groups were denouncing the novels for glamorising the idea of the occult, and now we hear that the Bishop of Oxford is saying positive things about it. According to Teletext he said:

"Harry faces dilemmas that are familiar to us all."

Now I'm not sure how much of the story really does show that the Church of England denounced the books, has now done a massive u-turn and is advocating the books for teaching. What is clear is that the Church is trying to use the books to promote the teachings of their religion, something I'm not entirely comfortable with.

Looking at the demographic of readers it would appear that there's a perfect audience for conversion, children, young adults and adults alike. Are they right to use the Harry Potter books in this way to try and recruit new members to their Church?



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