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Cloverfield or Monstrous? Poster revealed

Cloverfield.jpgFor now I'm going to keep calling the new J.J. Abrams monster film Cloverfield as he reveals that the suggested title of Monstrous is not going to be the final title, and likewise either is 1-18-08. Well, they could be, but as yet they are undecided. He also revealed the new poster.

The scooper that got hold of a photo of the Monstrous photo in a shop (somehow) was spot on, although now that Comic-Con is here the title of Monstrous has been removed, it is still the same poster.

It doesn't look half bad. The removal of the head of the Statue of Liberty gives you an idea of the scale, as does the wake and devastation at the start of the city. Saying that I'm surprised no one has commented on the smoking city scape.

During Comic-Con J.J. Abrams revealed that they are almost finished shooting and that they are thinking of calling it Monstrous. I hope they don't, it just doesn't capture the scale and enormity required for a big monster film to rival Godzilla, after all that's what he wanted.

According to Scoop Vendor at Comic-Con Abrams said that Japan has Godzilla and he decided that we (as in the U.S. I presume) need our own monster movie.

Well I'm on board for all of that except the title. Compare Godzilla to Monstrous...yeah, it doesn't work quite as well does it?



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