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Cloverfield sites, puzzles and teasers online

Cloverfield.jpgThe Cloverfield film is building up hype already, and J.J. Abrams and the Bad Robot team are staying silent, for the most part. Now though there are two new websites to get your heads around, there's a strange blog and a site with some puzzles to solve to get a flash video and much, much more.

The blog is very confusing and feels like it's building the hype much like Lost did, but in this case it's building it before the film comes out. Ethan Hass was wrong is the blog that is trying to counter this guy Ethan Haas.

Haas' site is much more complex and has loads to interact with. There are some great puzzles which I had to tear myself away from and write about. Head over to his site and start trying to decipher the puzzles to unlock the various videos. Both sites were found through Latino Review.

If you're struggling there's a little help available that I found, but you have to look to the stars. I'm not going to give you the answers, but here's the start of the email from Van that helps you along the way...

"If you're receiving this auto-response message it means that I've gone into hiding. You should be careful now, too. They're likely to start coming after all of us in an attempt to keep the balance of power in their favor. But remember, as our numbers increase as a group, the weaker they'll become.

As you recruit new people to our cause, you might need to share this message as guidance for how to navigate the 5 locks to the key code..."

Good luck...and have fun! I'm really starting to get sucked into this hype, Abrams and his team really do know how to build hype and speculation around a film, but does it work with you?



Dude tell me you've pulled the second puzzle? It's dring me mad..

Sorry...I got stuck on that one too...although I think I have a possible clue if you're interested.

I'm definitely... interested... in this secret of yours.

There's a little star on the top right of the screen for that puzzle, run over it and there's a string of characters that appears - the same characters as on the puzzle itself. Try matching them.

Okay, you know the poster of the statue of liberty's head cut off. well, if you look in the clouds from a distance you can see something that looks like a turtle head. there have been rumers on the 1-18-08 movie that the movie would be about a giant turtle. Totally american made. duhhh. I think the movie will personally be about godzilla. have you noticed that the statue of liberty is surrounded by water? And for those of you who think it's about a stupid ufo attack. why would they leave slash marks on the statue of liberty? wouldn't they use a clean cut laser? and why would the buildins be crashed through on the bottem portion? so thats my news. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

hey Richard I am sooooo into the american godzilla. Do you know if the movie will be about godzilla? I hear alot of rumers that it wont be, but i mean all the clues point to a a monster that appearantly can swim according to tython45 sooo what are your thoughts? Answer as quickly as possible. (ASAP)

Hey there.

Well I think we all know by now that it's going to be one big monster that spawns lots of little creatures to fly around and do the individual killing.

The big creature is definitely more godzilla-esque than turtle I would say.

It definitely has to swim, and it's a fair size, as for anything else I'm not sure, the details have been pretty sparse.

I can't believe people are thinking of UFO's and such! Definitely big monster.

What do you think of the smaller creatures though?


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