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Cloverfield title and poster revealed?

Cloverfield.jpgThere are a couple of small additions to the Cloverfield mystery today, and it's unsure if they are real or not. One is a shaky video of some street scenes of people running and Army trucks, the other is a supposed teaser poster of the film with a new title, Monstrous.

The video has some completely unnecessary corridor shots before we see the street scenes, and if it wasn't for the street shots of panicked people and vehicles, I would think it was all fan made. However the street scenes couldn't really be faked, but they could be for another film. You can see the footage in the main article.

Meanwhile, the poster shots are shaky enough and reveal little, other than the title Monstrous and a headless Statue of Liberty overlooking a smoking city. It fits the plot that we know about so far and the footage we've seen, but is it actually to do with Cloverfield?

You can see the rough quality images over at Unfiction through Coming Soon.

An update on the site tells us that the domain name TheMonstrousMovie.com (no www) has been bought by Paramount. Sure enough a quick check shows the owner to be Paramount. Could this be the title of the film? Is Cloverfield or 1-18-08, to be called Monstrous?

The clip comes from YouTube through Jo Blo.

Monstrous, 1-18-08 or Cloverfield. Which do you prefer?



it is NOT called monstrous, JJ Abrams even said, "You think we would call it Montrous? No." at Comic Con.

So that's out the window already.

We know already, keep up with the stories Jason!

I saw the Cloverfield trailer in the big screen for the first time when I went to watch The Hoax yesterday (which was good by the way), and the audience was like, oh shucks!


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