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Cover for Richard's holiday

Well I'm heading off now for a week of rest and relaxation, but rather than leave you guys with no place to come to read and discuss the latest in films, the site will be run by Louise and Ramchandra, so treat them well and believe me, you're in good hands.

Have a great week Filmstalkers, and I'll see you when I get back from the Highlands of Scotland, hiding away in a cottage with no internet connection! I can feel the withdrawl symptoms right now.

Good luck to the guys, and be good to them!



Have a great holiday!

Thanks Marina, I'm slowly getting back to things in the last few days.

The holiday was fab, up in a lodge in the middle of Scotland's wonderful scenery and at the heart of the whisky trail - Balvenie distillery is stunning!

Bit late, but hope you enjoyed your holiday and the whisky. Staying in a lodge in the middle of scotland surrounded by lovely scenery sounds wonderful.

Well if anyone is up for it I can recommend a great place.

I would say recommend away but scotland is soooo far away and as much as i love quiet secluded places i hate really long drives.

It is a fair trip to be sure!


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