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Damon talks Kirk role in Star Trek

StarTrek.jpgA major piece of news for all you Star Trek fans hoping that the previously rumoured J.J. Abrams cast for the Star Trek prequel film was true. Matt Damon has just announced that he knew nothing of it, that it was just an internet rumour (as if they are any worse than the printed rumours that you read) and he's just too old to play the character.

According to Matt Damon himself, he is friends with J.J. and talked to him about the role one day. J.J. Abrams revealed that the Kirk they are looking for is much younger, someone in their early twenties, and that rules him out.

Frankly I think he can easily pass for a younger man. When I saw him in The Good Shepherd I didn't really think that he looked old enough in the latter part of the film, mind you that concern was quickly lost by the great performance.

If you are unsure about this, there's a video interview with him, and its right here in the main story for you to see.

The interview comes from IGN.

He also said that William Shatner also questioned him about the rumour, thinking that there was a weight to it, and he actually thought that Damon would be a good choice.

So if we're looking at that age group, it could be said that the whole raft of rumoured casting (which you can see in this previous story along with photos) is wrong. After all they are all the wrong age group aren't they?





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