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Death at a Funeral trailer

DeathataFuneral.jpgThe trailer for Death at a Funeral has arrived along with several clips, and it looks very funny. Much better than the standard comedy film fare that comes out using crass and crude jokes as a stab at humour. This seems to have the best of British comedy.

The film is directed by Frank Oz and stars a great list of talent, mainly British. Matthew Macfadyen, Keeley Hawes, Andy Nyman, Ewen Bremner, Daisy Donovan, Alan Tudyk, Jane Asher, Rupert Graves, and so on.

The story for Death at a Funeral is about a quiet and traditional funeral where a stranger turns up and threatens to reveal a dark secret about the man who has died. The man's son, and his friends, try to help keep it quiet, with chaotic results.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies, where they also have four clips. I'm really taken by them, and I think this might turn out to be a corker of a comedy. Oh, and it also has a rather cool site to explore as well.



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