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Death Race casting announcement

DeathRace2000.jpgOver at Comic-Con they've announced some new casting for the Death Race 2000 remake from Paul W.S. Anderson Death Race, and one of the names is very surprising.

We already know that Jason Statham is on board for the film, well now both Joan Allen and Tyrese Gibson have been announced. Joan Allen being a big surprise as she's a really strong actress, and I'm wondering why she's taking up this role.

Paul W.S. Anderson has been talking about the casting too through IGN:

"Jason Statham's playing Frankenstein and Machine Gun Joe's played by Tyrese Gibson. And Joan Allen is the big villain baddie of the movie, which I'm very excited about…She's gonna kick Statham's ass!"

So it's Gibson versus Statham and with Allen in the background pulling the strings. Good casting I would say, especially for an Anderson film and a remake of a cult classic. I still don't hold much hope for the film though.



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