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Depp takes on gothic sixties soap

JohnnyDepp.jpgJohnny Depp has signed on to produce a new film, news in itself as every time he's involved in a film there's something special to be had, well almost always. This latest film is based on the 1960's TV soap called Dark Shadows.

A daytime soap from the sixties I hear you cry? Yes, that's what I thought until I read that Dark Shadows was a dark and gothic series that featured vampires, monsters, witches, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, etc. You're getting the idea. With over a thousand episodes and a large fan base, the series has been one that continues to reappear at conventions.

There's been talk of reviving the series and creating films from the ideas there many times, but this looks the closest to it happening so far. Johnny Depp has said before that he was obsessed with the show when he was young and wanted to be Barnabas Collins who was a leading vampire in the series played by Jonathan Frid. Well he's almost there, does that mean Depp will be starring?

Currently there's no word on stars or Director from the Variety article, but the project does sound like it is one to keep an eye on. Gothic horror with Johnny Depp? Oh most certainly.



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