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Duchovny reveals X-Files script out next week

DavidDuchovny.jpgSo we've heard that X-Files is on from David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and the series producer, now Duchovny is saying that there's going to be a script with him to read next week, and this comes from Chris Carter himself.

Back in April we heard that the series Producer, Frank Spotnitz that the script was in development. David Duchovny revealed that the signings were made in March, and Gillian Anderson said that she would be back in too.

Now Duchovny has revealed that Chris Carter has talked to him and told him to expect a script next week. According to IGN:

"I'm actually supposed to see it next week! Before I would just say that [there was a movie] because they told me, but now, after talking to Chris [Carter] -- he's been giving me progress reports -- and he actually called yesterday, and said 'Next week, you should have something to read.'"

He also acknowledged the release was going to be summer 2008 and that it would be a stand alone story, not part of the continuing X-Files conspiracy theme. Personally I think this is the wrong way to go and someone should be asking if the fans would really like to see an end to the conspiracy, or perhaps more of the storyline that stretched through the previous film and all the series.



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