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Dustin Hoffman too turns Director

DustinHoffman.jpgSo my second post about an actor turned director of today is Dustin Hoffman. He's made a name for himself as a well-seasoned, adaptable and established actor, for going on 40 years now, before which he also done a bit of television.

Hoffman has decided to take the step though with an adaptation of Scott Turow's novel, "Personal Injuries," as star, producer, director, and co-writer.

We get it from USA Today through Cinema Blend:

Hoffman told USA Today that he tried to direct Straight Time way back in 1978 but ended up turning over the reigns to Ulu Grosbard. "I fired myself," he says now. But he's apparently willing to give himself a second chance. Hoffman's currently working on the screenplay because, as he notes, "everything starts with the page."

Too right it does I say (perhaps a little biased being a writer), but it's good to see someone getting involved at the very early stages of creative decisions, if you get involved & see things through an entire project it'll certainly have its advantages to the end product, otherwise films can quite often become victim to much compromise by the multiple influences along the way, losing some of it's original charm.

Written by Ramchandra, edited by Louise



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