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Escape From New York remake script reviewed

SnakePilskin.jpgThere's a script review online for the Escape From New York remake starring Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken, and it is surprisingly good.

I had immediately thought negatively of this film as the original is a classic, very dark, very eighties, and very cheesy - don't get me wrong though, all these things are positives in this film, we just couldn't see it working in a new version. Even with the announcement of Gerard Butler joining I couldn't see how this film could be better than the original, and how Butler could live up to the character that Kurt Russell made famous.

However an anonymous source has allegedly read the script and has sent in a review, now there are some major reveals in the review so you might want to stay clear, especially if you haven't seen the original. So before I give you the link here's a quick rundown of it for you, without spoilers.

The new Escape From New York seems to stay true to the original, however there are a couple of changes that would affect fans. First up is that the whole thing has been taken to modern day and the background conflict seems to be the U.S. and Iran (timely enough). That's no real big thing I think, modernising the story is what would have been needed to work.

Another big area is that there's way more back story, and here's where I find a concern. Snake's character is explained, even down to how he gets the eye patch, and for me there's strength galore in an unknown hero. A lot of the original film pulled from the fact that there were existing relationships and history that we just didn't know anything about but held characters together. That made Snake darker, more mysterious, and more liable to go either way in a given situation.

There are other changes, like the addition of new plot lines to make the story more complex, to pull in political threads, and other pressures on the main story line of rescuing the President from the enclosed New York prison, but these seem to have the affect of piling pressure onto Snake rather than detracting. So for the most part it all looks good.

So if we're going to be judging the film on this draft of the script alone, then it might just work. However let's not forget that the script could go through various rewrites yet and there's a Director to film it as well. There may be a long journey ahead for this script yet.

You can read the full script review over at IESB should you wish, and it's a very good one too. Just remember that there are a number of spoilers in there.



I just saw Escape from New York again on DVD recently and I am a bit dubious about this remake, even if it's Gerry Butler playing Snake, or because it's Gerry Butler playing Snake - and I mean no disrespect.

i loved the original movies. even the second one.

personally, i'm pleased this is happening, but in all honesty, i'd have been hoping against hope for Escape from Detroit


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