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Filmstalker reader reviews Transformers

Prime-LaBeouf.jpgI haven't had a chance to see Transformers as yet, and it's not due here for some time. However one of the Filmstalker regulars has seen it, and he's been good enough to write up his thoughts and send them in.

He's got some good, well written words to say about it, and for me it sounds as though it just might be much more than I was expecting. However, it's not all good.

Read on for what Mogulus, a Filmstalker regular, thinks of the film.

Hey, Richard. mogulus here. greetings from West Australia. For some reason, Transformers debuted here a few days earlier than in America. While i'm not sure if it's out in your hometown, I can say I saw it and wouldn't mind telling you what I thought.
The movie, as a whole, is a bit flawed in pace. It seemed to start slow, and with a bit of a cringe factor, as characters I didn't know divulged in a bit of character driven comedy with nothing for me to reference it to. While alot of the jokes were funny, since we didn't know how over the top these characters ( and the world around them ) would turn out to be, the opening of the movie seems a bit misstepped or something. It would probably be fine upon repeat viewing, as I'd already know the characters and get the humor.

Once the transformers themselves appear, and they do, in a dramatic yet still realistic way, the movie descends into a very clearly quasi real universe where anything goes, and alot of the believability of the film is lost somewhat. It becomes clear that these transformers are HEAVILY influenced by the original generation 1 Transformers toy and cartoon series, with characters drawn nearly identical to what they used to be, with few, very well concieved exceptions.

...then the unbelievable happens. The action begins and looks real. And by "real", i mean so real that you feel like it's happening. Remember how, in Forest Gump, you believed he was in all those places because the effects were so muted and natural? well these images have the same photo realistic nature. We see the transformers up close, for extended shots with very close up framing, and the realistic nature of the character models, lighting and animation still seem natural. This, coupled with the fact that alot of ( 90% ) of the human characters in the film really are quite likeable in their own right, which brings me to the next point.

If there were no giant robots in the film, the cast could have held a movie in their own right. Seriously. Everyone was either mildly entertaining to downright lovable. My personal favorite character is John Tuturo's. But every scene has SOMETHING interesting, even if it is Megan Fox, in which case, you're getting very few complaints from the core audience. Bernie Mac's turn as car salesman presents an ample laugh and bow out, was a highlight.

When the finale came, it was almost too much, to be honest. There does reach a point where a screen can't make you feel any more astonishment. You reach that point with Transformers. As the action finally reaches a very satisfying final showdown, you find that you're maxed out. your adrenaline is pumping. And it has been for 20 minutes or more.

Simply put, for me, viewing this movie for the first time was probably the best experience of my cinematic life. I'm easy to please. I liked Armagedon. I liked Hudson Hawk. But this movie showed me something refreshing...something truely new. The world these characters exist in isn't real. it isn't the cartoon. it's something all it's own. And you woldn't have been able to envision it. But trust me. it IS cool, and it DOES work.

In closing, I can't say this is THE best film of all time. No. But it's very sleekly made. They did exactly what they set out to do, and they succeeded. If the film has weaknesses, it's that it's maybe 15 minutes too long for cinema, or that maybe the other 15 minutes could have been used to give a few other transformers ( starscream? Megatron? Ironhide? ) some screentime. Starscream in particular, while holding THE baddest assed scene in the wole movie, really didnt' get too many chances to show off. And the dynamic behind him and his leader isn't even scratched upon beyond a line. I've read rumors that the script called for Starscream to be secretly planning to use the allspark to supplant Megatron himself can't be confirmed. It didn't happen on film, so I can't say.

Anyway, this movie rocks. on a 1-10 scale i'ts an easy 8.5 in my opinion. couldn't be higher than 9 because of a few plot holes and a few things you just didn't get to see that you may have wanted to...so i guess we'll just be waiting for the sequel...

May I say a huge thanks to Mogulus for this excellent mini-review. Have you seen it and do you agree with Mogulus?



I am so pleased with your review mogulus, and I can be just as easily pleased like you so I am sure I will love this movie. Thanks for sharing your review with your fellow filmstalkers and now I am so pumped up to see this when it finally comes out in the UK!

I saw it last Thursday - starts off great. I'm talking Terminator 2 great or Raiders of the Lost Ark great. But about half way through everything slows down and the movie becomes Godzilla 1998. My theory is Spielberg directed the first half and Bay the second. It's a long movie (over 2 hours) and they could have easily cut half an hour or more and made a more lean and mean experience - especially for the kids

By the way, don't sit near the front as Bay does the whiplash camera thing for a lot of the movie and it makes it hard to follow what is going on with the action.

Thanks for the advice Lars. To be honest that's way more than I expected from the film anyway.

I saw it last night, and despite the total awesomeness of the robots and a few brilliant scenes, i left feeling utterly disappointed. It started well enough, but just turned into a nonsensical mix of action overkill by the end of it, with oddly edited bits of "plot" woven between. They kept trying to push this "sacrifice" theme throughout the film, but I don't think Bay realises that just saying a word a lot doesn't make it a theme.

Hey there stranger. I saw it on Saturday and I have to agree with everything you say. Action wise it was cool, but there was no real flow to the story and it leapt about. Review to come in the next few days.

I am definitely watching it this Thursday and I can't wait! Most of my friends who have seen it couldnt stop praising the film and I am so psyched about it already.


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