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Flemyng and Outhwaite in Backwaters trailer

Backwaters is a film starring Tamzin Outhwaite, Jason Flemyng, Nicholas Irons as well as Indian stars Gulshan Grover and Sandra Teles. It's a strange mix, but at the same time marks a growing trend of Indian stars working with, or in, western cinema.

There are two trailers online for the film, directed by Jag Mundhra, which tells the story of a soap star, played by the British television actress Tamzin Outhwaite, who is paralysed after a car crash where her husband, played by Nicholas Irons, was driving.

From here on he takes a very submissive role in the relationship as she vents all her anger and bitterness upon him. However there are growing concerns that the problems may not be entirely physical and that perhaps it is more to do with the mind than anything else. So when a friend, Jason Flemyng, suggests an alternative treatment in Goa, they depart to try and solve their problems.

However while there the husband catches sight of a beautiful local woman, Sandra Teles, who is also in a controlling and abusive relationship, and the two are drawn close. When he returns to the house he finds his wife gone and the wheelchair left empty, and the following day she appears in a fisherman's nets, strangled and left to drown. Of course the police think he's to blame and from here on out he has to find the real killer.

I watched the first trailer for Backwaters but it didn't really grab me too much. However, the second trailer gave a different view of the film, and perhaps there's something interesting to be had here. Both trailers can be found on the Gomorrahy Backwaters page for download, found through Twitch.



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