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Get Smart teaser funny?

GetSmart.jpgGet Smart has a teaser out in Quicktime HD. It is very short, and it features only a couple of gags, but it also has a walk on scene for The Rock and Alan Arkin with a running scene for Anne Hathaway.

The teaser is very light, and although the first gag with Steve Carell doesn't really do anything for me, the other two are quite amusing. Perhaps this remake of the seventies TV series could work out after all?

The story is simple enough, Maxwell Smart gets promoted to a field agent from an analyst role within the secret U.S. Spy Agency he works for. He wants to work with the super cool Agent 23, played by Rock, but because the agency has been compromised and all the agents identities revealed, he gets partnered with Agent 99, Hathaway. Together they have to stop the master plan of their arch enemies, KAOS. It seems though that Smart is far from that, and Agent 99 is the one always bailing him out.

You can see the teaser for Get Smart over at Apple trailers [QT:M:480p:720p:1080p]. Does it work for you?



I actually like the opening gag in the phone booth. Had me smiling from ear to ear!


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