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Good Luck Chuck red band trailer

JessicaAlba.jpgThere's a red band trailer out there for Jessica Alba's Good Luck Chuck, and that means Jessica Alba in penguin pants!

Actually it seems quite similar to teasers and trailers we've seen already, but supposedly naughtier. I think the only differences I saw were the melon scene and the moment his friend is using euphonisms for sex. It looks very daft and actually quite funny in places. The walking into the lampost and the soft top moments both had me laughing.

Good Luck Chuck is about a man who is known as Good Luck Chuck amongst the ladies of the city, why? Well when they sleep with him, the next person they meet is the one they end up marrying. So when he finally meets the woman of his dreams, he's too scared to sleep with her in case she finds the man of her dreams.

Have a look at the red band trailer IGN Movies [Dload:MOV] through /Film and JoBlo.



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