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Green Hornet's Kato chosen?

StephenChow.jpgAlthough Seth Rogen hasn't been announced as on the Green Hornet project for that long, he's already making decisions about who should play certain roles, and he's decided about his sidekick Kato.

According to the LA Times through Coming Soon, Seth Rogen wants Stephen Chow to play the character. Although there's no confirmation about who broke the news to them or how concrete it is, you could definitely see that choice working.

For me though the question remains in the film, this is going to be a comedy with the same style and rough slapstick and body humour of Rogen's previous films. From his past films I doubt there will be anything too clever about the comedy and so the film might just miss a few tricks.

Will Stephen Chow pass up the chance to play the character in the film that Bruce Lee once played? I wouldn't, especially with there being a lot of talk of a couple of Bruce Lee films in production, and from memory there haven't been signings as yet.



When will they learn that the Green Hornet is not a super hero? And the character is not to be played in a comedic vein.
At least the French go tit right in this short film:


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