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Guttenberg joins Simpson in Private Benjamin remake

SteveGuttenberg.jpgVivica A. Fox and Steve Guttenberg are set to join a comedy called Major Movie Star alongside the talents of Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson will play the title character, the movie star who enslists in the U.S. Army Reserve after discovering her boyfriend is gay and her accountant and cousin has stolen all her money. So that's really just smoke and mirrors to the fact that this is that loose remake of the Goldie Hawn film, Private Benjamin that was talked about a while back.

Vivica A. Fox will play the training officer who gives Megan a very tough time of it all. Steve Guttenberg will try and regain some hold on his career by playing her agent who is furious at her for going and mad at the General who decides to keep her in. Meanwhile, to add something more to it, Megan falls for another soldier played by Ryan Sypek.

According to The Hollywood Reporter also set to star are Cheri Oteri from Saturday Night Live, Olesya Rulin, Keiko Agena, Jill Marie Jones, Aimee Garcia and Gary Grubbs. Previously we heard Steve Miner was directing.



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