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Halo 3 commercial online

Halo.jpgSo, a long time ago, the story of who would direct a possible Halo feature film was news. We heard about Peter Jackson jumping on board, then a director was picked that hardly anyone had heard of in Neill Blomkamp. Everyone waited for something to happen and then nothing did. The Halo film adaptation is still out in the wilderness somewhere, maybe never to be heard of again. Sound familiar?

Well now it would seem, instead of giving Blomkamp a film to play with, they've given him a commercial instead. He's directed a commercial for Halo 3, which you can see here over at /Film.

I'm sort of impressed. But if I'm being honest, more guns/dying alien scum, would have been nice. Am I asking too much? Has Blomkamp impressed you, or would you rather he never got his hands on the film?



I watched the commerical and felt it was bland, but it wasn't horrible. I wonder if it'll be a series of commericals and this is only the first one? In my opinion there was nothing overly exciting about it.

I think it's a one off. I know what you mean though, another commercial in the series with some more action would be good. I guess it's seen as a pre-cursor to the game, i.e. the end of the trailer is daring you to finish the fight by playing the game. Still, like I said, some alien scum wouldn't go a miss.

Oh dear, this isn't what I would expect from Halo. Perhaps some cheap, same as usual FPS, but not Halo.

I'm very unimpressed.


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