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Hathaway in Demme's dark addiction comedy

AnneHathaway.jpgAnne Hathaway has revealed that she's leading the next Jonathon Demme film, and instead of opting for something light she's going to be starring in a much darker film about an ex-model struggling with drugs addiction.

She will play an ex-model who has been in and out of rehab for the last ten years of her life and has just been released from an eight month long visit to attend her sister's wedding, one of the most stressful times of anyone's life.

In the comments over at Blackfilm through Cinema Blend she describes the film, Dancing With Sheba, as a black comedy, and is set to appear next to Debra Winger who plays her mother. She seems to suggest that the idea is that she has to

Coming from Jonathon Demme this sounds an interesting project, and makes me think that Anne Hathaway might be venturing into similar territory that Sandra Bullock did when she appeared in 28 Days, one of her career highs. Here's hoping that this turns out as well for Hathaway and that afterwards she doesn't head back to run of the mill comedy or romantic films.

Hathaway has had an interesting career to date, and Demme has been pretty quiet of late. I do think that this could be an excellent combination.



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