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Hopper signs for Speed 3

DennisHopper.jpgSpeed was a great fun film, and yet the sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control, was pretty damn awful, not least because the whole idea of speed was lost on a slow moving cruise ship.

Now though word is that there might be a Speed 3, and that Dennis Hopper is set to appear. More than that, Hopper has been saying some less than positive things about the third film, that is when he will actually will say something about it at all.

According to an interview over at Guardian Unlimited through Jo Blo.

Before you read the quote from Hopper, I will advise that it contains a final scene reveal for the original film Speed, so if you're still going to watch that, then don't read the quote.

You'll remember that Speed was the film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock which told the story of a bomb attached to a bus which would go off if it dropped below fifty.

"He certainly isn't in the mood to discuss any of the half a dozen films he is due to appear in this year, a roster which is due to include a performance in Speed 3...Surely his character Howard Payne died in a decapitation incident in the last reel of Speed 1? 'It's a river of shit,' he tells me pleasantly but firmly, 'from which I have tried to extract some gold.'"

Wow. Well don't expect anything from the film. However if he feels that way you have to wonder why he's even doing it. The money? I hardly think that Dennis Hopper needs to act in terrible films for cash, surely his name alone can command his roles, never mind his acting reputation.



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