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How to Change in Nine Weeks gains distribution

GuyPearce.jpgReliant Pictures have purchased the overseas rights to the film How to Change in Nine Weeks, the Guy Pearce, Sam Neill and Mirando Otto led film about the true story of Rachel Barber, a fifteen year old girl who went missing and was later found to have been murdered by her babysitter.

The film is directed by Simone North who also co-wrote the story with Tony Cavanaugh, and along with the cast, marks a strong Australian film.

What's particularly interesting about the story from Variety is that the MD of Reliant Pictures says of the film:

"The dailies we have seen so far have reaffirmed our confidence in this project"

Was there a doubt beforehand? Regardless How to Change in Nine Weeks looks like a stirring and emotional tale, not only because of the murder of a young girl, but because it is based on actual events as well. Then add in Sam Neill, Guy Pearce and and Mirando Otto, and you have scope for a powerful film. Less escapism and more like crashing into reality headlong.



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