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Howard directs Messud's The Emperor's Children

RonHoward.jpgRon Howard is to direct a film called The Emperor's Children which is based on the highly acclaimed Claire Messud novel. The screenplay has been written by Noel Baumbach who also wrote the screenplay for The Squid and the Whale.

The story is set in 2001, just before the World Trade Center attacks, and looks at a group of Ivy League New Yorkers who are fast approaching their thirties.

Ron Howard is an excellent Director, and this marks another strong project for him. The story from Variety through Empire also reminds me of the many other interesting projects he's working on in some way or another, from such remakes as Cache and The Forbin Project to Angels and Demons, The Changeling and Frost/Nixon.

I'm a big fan of his, and even though Da Vinci Code was less than stunning, he did a great job directing a film that was an exact replica of the novel. With this story though there should be a lot more scope to alter the story for the big screen, and with Baumbach providing the script, it does sound like it could be a very powerful film.



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