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Avary off Silent Hill 2, Gans on?

SilentHill_Poster.jpgIn an interview the other day Roger Avary let out that he won't be involved in Silent Hill 2...unless Christophe Gans is involved in the film.

I think that's a shame. Roger Avary is a great writer, and although his work doesn't always make it to the big screen in the way that you would hope, it is still very strong. Watching Silent Hill you do realise that he has managed to bring a videogame to the big screen perfectly well, in fact better than that, his script is superb for it.

Then you look at the work of Christophe Gans as Director and you find that he's done an equally excellent job of taking that script and bringing it to life. Now I'm not saying that Silent Hill is a great film, it has flaws with some characters who are unused and similarly with some plotlines, but the main thread and the overall feel is Silent Hill the game, but in a film. It's perhaps one of the best videogame adaptations that there is out there.

I think it would be great to take these two talents back together and make a sequel, perhaps with a bit more money, and maybe they could make it even better. What do you think, is this it a good thing that Roger Avary is off this project? Interestingly Christophe Gans is noted as being on the project on IMDB, as the writer. Perhaps there's no scope for Avary to return after all?



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