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Indiana Jones IV returns to the Ark?

IndianaJonesIV.jpgNow I wrote about the Indiana Jones IV photo the other day, where I thought that it was strange that the Ark of Covenant was being used in a display for the new film, now someone else has picked up on the idea and has some new shots of the Ark.

It does seem odd that we're seeing the Ark in the new Indiana Jones film, and yet it actually seems like a really good idea. For the last Indiana Jones film he's returning to the item that started it all, that mystical Ark that at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark was stored away in a mammoth warehouse filled with top secret sealed boxes.

So I thought it was strange we were seeing the Ark and wondered if it was related, and with these new photos perhaps it is. Are we seeing Indiana Jones returning to the Ark story? Is he going to be in Area 51 where all these strange crates are to save the Ark once again? Could be.

You can see the speculation I wrote about the other day here on Filmstalker, and you can see the new photos of the Ark on display at Comic Con over at JustPressPlay.



So this is the Return of the Jedi of Indy movies?

Hey Lars, you've got something against Return of the Jedi? :P

Sometimes we need closure, we may not often get it but I think with Indy and the endless possibilities of what a background story about the Ark can offer, perhaps this is not going to be a bad idea after all. Now I am getting really giddy about this movie!

"So this is the Return of the Jedi of Indy movies?"

You mean a movie that repeats the theme of the original movie for closure? (ie The Death Star plot in ROTJ's case.)

If so The Last Crusade already fulfilled that role, the search for a lost biblical artifact, Nazi villains, desert locations, Sallah.

In fact both the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones Trilogies are thematically similar that way, both sharing a darker middle movie.


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